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Naumov: Azerbaijan has shown generosity

Azerbaijan liberated the city of Shusha and stood in the way of victory, and agreed to allow peacekeepers to enter the territory in order to gradually return their territories. I have no idea how Azerbaijan can behave more generously in this situation.

TV24 informs that this was stated by Alexei Naumov, an expert of the Russian Council on International Affairs, on the program "60 minutes" ("60 minutes") on Russia's "Russia 1" TV channel, commenting on video footage of Armenians leaving Kalbajar and burning their houses and other buildings there.

"Armenians were given a week to leave these regions. Azerbaijanis ran away from Kalbajar naked and barefoot in 1993, and whoever did not run, went to the "other world", not to the city.

It is a tragic situation, we must not forget it. It should also be noted that this land belongs to Azerbaijan under international law," Naumov said.

17:39 14.11.2020