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Who is the person named Azer who called and threatened the head of "SV GROUP" ???

one of the founders of SV GROUP LLC resigned from the post of Hikmet Khalilov,
Chief of Staff of the Cabinet of M inisters of the Republic of Azerbaijanon 29.07.2021 and 26.08.2021.

They repeatedly complained to the President of the Republicof Azerbaijan and the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan

about the misappropriation of millions of manats, as well as the fraudulent seizure
of the house belonging to the daughter of Vahid Khalafov.However, there was no reaction from either the President's Office or law enforcement agencies. It should be noted that V.Khalafov and S.Mammadov, who introduced themselves in the field of construction as close associates of high-ranking officials of our country, and Hikmet Khalilov and his wife Sudaba Khalilova in a particularly large amount, as described in Article 178, paragraph 4 of the Criminal Code. The victims of the robbery, as well as Hikmet Khalilov's intimidation and extortion of large sums of money, were the victims of the robbery. LLC received an offer to carry out various construction works in the private sector in the amount of 4263263 (four million two hundred sixty three thousand) manats in the period from 2009 to 2015, provided that they are involved in construction work, and began to implement this work. Hikmet Khalilov promised to pay for their work in cash The most notable of these projects was the construction materials plant commissioned by Hikmet Khalilov in Gobu settlement/The estimated cost of the plant was 1450000 (one million four hundred fifty thousand) manats and the well-known company started the construction of the plant on the basis of this estimate. However, when Hikmet Khalilov and his specialists inspected the construction, V.Khalafov and S.Mammadov refused to pay the rest of the money after the completion of the construction. and Sudaba Khalilova invited an official audit to clarify the actual volume of work in the areas they have completed, and Hikmet Khalilov drew up an act and presented the difference between the amount of work done and the amount they will receive from Hikmet for the same work as the average market price of V. Khalafov and S. Mammadov. produced up to their figure.Although well-known businessmen personally submitted this document to Hikmet, Hikmet avoided paying them for their work and hid from them. As a result, V. Khalafov's and S. Mammadov's debtors came to their homes and offices and put serious pressure on them. By selling and paying in kind in some cases, they closed many of their debts, the total value of the property and things they sold amounted to 4,165,000 manat. Many people still owe money to Khalilov. SV GRUP LLC has a lot to offer in the areas it attracts However, most of the people who could not pay their salaries threatened to arrest V.Khalafov and S.Mammadov, came to their homes and raised their voices — people who could not pay their debts are still doing the same. They also provided me with a list of items paid by Hikmet, an audit report, and a schedule of actual work volumes submitted to Hikmet. He knew and told them, "Buy it for whatever it is, and I will pay you."Yes, indeed, the area was documented for a warehouse and office. However, Hikmet's wife, Sudaba, who was in charge of the work, decided to build a building materials plant, promising to change the purpose of the permits later. Serious documents in the hands of V.Khalafov and S.Mammadov, in particular H.Khalilov's explanation in N.Narimanov District Police Office in 2016 and written contacts with Sudaba khanum by e-mail, as well as testimonies of employees working in the area clearly prove that Sudaba khanum and Hikmet Khalilov knew from the beginning that a normal factory, not a warehouse or office, was being built. Surprisingly, all the courts, accepting Ms. Sudaba's white lie as true, reduced her million-dollar claim, which she had previously exaggerated (Ms. Sudaba is also a lawyer and works at BP), to 500,000 manat, allegedly out of respect for Khalafov. The courts, in succession, ordered Vahid Khalafov to build a factory on their territory without the knowledge of Hikmat Khalilov and Sudaba Khalilova, and ordered Hikmet Khalilova and Sudaba Khalilova to pay 500,000 manat to S. Khalilova for alleged damage.After that, Hikmet Khalilov committed another crime and set up a mechanism to pay Vahid Khalafova 500,000 manat, which the court ordered to pay unfairly and falsely. Sudaba Khalilova. Promising to return 4,165,000 manat to Khalafov and S.Mammadov, they confiscated the property belonging to V.Khalafov's daughter, which did not belong to V.Khalafov, ie his house, at the price of water. The appraiser who invited V.Khalafov's daughter to the current market price of 1,450,000 manat, and the appraiser brought by Hikmet's employee Ilham, fraudulently estimated the house at 750,000 manat, which is twice cheaper than the current market price. Khalafova said, "Don't pay attention to the price difference. Let's document the house in my name, ie Ilham's, 520,000 manat, and I will pay the executive department's 35,000 manat fee. Then, a week later, you will sit at the tea table with Hikmet and separate all accounts." During this conversation, Hikmet also confirmed what Ilham said on the phone. In addition, during the trial, Ilham and Hikmet's lawyer Kamandar Nasibov told V. Khalafov, "You pay 500,000, we promise that you will meet Hikmet at the tea table for a week and all accounts will be closed. If Hikmet owes you, so be it." He will pay there, and at the time of payment, the house will return to him, if the amount allows. ”On April 27, 2021, the sale took place. In fact, after fraudulently seizing a house worth 1,450,000 manat for 520,000 manat, or 930,000 manat cheaply, he did not pay the promised 35,000 manat executive fee. In this case, he committed illegal acts in accordance with the requirements of Article 178 of the Criminal Code and Article 339 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.The worst thing is that the court decided to demolish the plant on the basis of Sudaba's claim, but managed to get 500,000 manat from the sale of V. Khalafov's daughter's house, but the plant later remained in Sudaba's hands. However, an official court ruled that it was an illegal building. This means that after receiving 500,000, it was possible to keep the plant, almost on credit, by building a factory, through court labyrinths, allegedly illegal. They also "dismantled" the factory, then put on a law bag and took a new decision "to stop the demolition." Hikmet Khalilov saw that Vahid Khalafov and Sarvar Mammadov had written complaints to the President and the Prosecutor General, as well as a series of programs on Channel 24. He repeatedly threatened to start the case. Speaking of names: 1) Khalafov Vahid Alisafa oglu. Address: Baku city, Yasamal district, Mustafa Subhi street, 213 a Phone; 0502108006 2) Sarvar Mammadov, co-founder and executive director of SV GRUP LLC. Author of the text: Hafiz Rustamov.  


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