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Russian diplomats visit Maria Butina in US jail on her 30th birthday

Diplomats of the Russian embassy to Washington visited Maria Butina, a Russian woman arrested in the United States, on her 30th birthday, the embassy wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Kanal24 reports citing Russian media that "Members of Russia’s embassy to Washington visited Maria Butina today. Maria thanked everyone who wished her happy birthday," the tweet said.

"She has been held in US prison under trumped-up charges for four months. Maria remains steadfast and poised going through her ordeal," the embassy said.

"She faces bravely the blatant arbitrariness and fights to restore her good name," it said. ‘We will be providing Maria with any assistance she needs and will be seeking her soonest return to the Motherland," it pledged.


20:03 11.11.2018