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Azerbaijani Pilgrims performed all the rites of Hajj

Azerbaijani pilgrims, having performed all the proper rites of Hajj, received the religious title of Hajji.

Kanal24 informs, today they returned to Mecca, having performed the last rites of Hajj.Thus, the fulfilment of all the rituals of the sacred pilgrimage is completed.

Azerbaijani Hajji will stay in Mecca for three days and then they will go to Medina.After staying there for three more days, on September 1 they will return to their homeland.

Notably, the quota allocated to Azerbaijan was 1440 people, the cost for each pilgrim is determined at $ 4,150.As in the previous year, the persons performing the Hajj repeatedly paid additional $ 535.

01:05 24.08.2018