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PM holds conversation with person attempting to suicide

“Prime Minister Novruz Mammadov, after hearing the news that someone was trying to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge near Koroglu metro station, he changed his way and went to that area”.

Kanal24 was told by Press Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Akif Ali.

According to him, the Prime Minister later contacted the person who attempted to commit suicide: “During the telephone conversations, Prime Minister asked that person on the bridge how he could help him. Mr. Novruz Mammadov also had a psychological talk with that person”.

During the telephone conversation of the Prime Minister it became known that the person attempting to commit suicide is Ahmadov Yashar Mammadali, born in 1969 in Tovuz: “Yashar Akhmadov said that he was concerned about his children on the basis of family conflict and considered this a way out of the situation”.

After speaking with the prime minister Y. Ahmadov descended and he was invited to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Akif Ali added that the Prime Minister immediately ordered the State Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs and its leadership to investigate the matter: “Yashar Ahmadov has also been advised to meet with relevant agencies. Meetings are now underway; the truth will be clear after the investigations”.

22:17 30.07.2018