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Israeli Vladislav Bykanov became European Short Track Champion

28-year-old Israeli skater Vladislav Bykanov won a 3000 meters race at the European Short Track Championship, which was held in Dresden (Germany).
In the finals he overcame 3000 meters in 5 minutes 2,882 seconds, ahead of the Frenchman Thibault Foconne, who on the eve managed to beat Bykanov at a distance of 1500 meters.
As previously reported, after the final race for 1500 meters, the judges decided to cancel the result of Fakonne for blocking Bykanov. And in the end, the "bronze" went to the Israeli. The first and second, respectively, were the Dutchman Shinky Kneagt and the Russian Semen Elistratov.
In the overall standings Shinki Kneag got "gold", Vladislav Bykanov - "silver", Semen Elistratov - "bronze".
Thus, the Israeli athlete collected a "complete set" of the medals of the European Championship in 2018.
Recall that in 2017, Vladislav Bykanov won the "bronze" of the European Championships at a distance of 1500 meters.

02:50 17.01.2018