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Electronics and Electronics Technicians are in Israel

In Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister initiated a reformed system of standardization of imported goods developed by Minister of Economy Elie Cohen.
Some types of electric motors and electronics can be used in the Institute for Standardization, and in specific technical laboratories, which will cost 200 million units per year and forecasted for 6% of consumers.
According to the press service of the Ministry of Economy, "Hermon" and ITL technical equipments, companies will be able to meet the requirements of the Israeli standard on the same technology as well as cold rolling mills, а также на audio-video clips and media audio and videocass. Otherwise, the sole proprietorships will be certified and licensed for handheld electro-coatings.

По словам министра экономигі Эли Коэн («Кулану»), отопление монополии There are standards in the institute for the Israeli economics and for users. This would be an additional lever against the drones of Israel. "Eat this time, the additional market for technical equipments will allow importers to lower costs and take care of the time," Eli Cohen said. "It would mean that the price of the goods would go up, and few companies would want to increase their own business, and that would be their own.
At this time, the Ministry of Economy creates an indispensable computer system that will be used in private laboratories. The exploitation will start in 2018.

21:30 08.10.2017