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UNEC students to pass Internship in Europe

Director of UNEC’s Career Center Fuad Aliyev and Head of the Department Organization of Internship Natig Gurbanov has made a business trip at CEFAM University (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management) situated in Lion, France. UNEC employees acquainted with the organization of career services and internship at CEFAM, including establishment of ties with corporate sector during the trip realized within the “Erasmus+” Exchange Program. They studied the working mechanism of the Alumni Association. They also delivered expanded information about work done for the career development of UNEC students and administration of major experiences.

Views on the perspectives of major internships of UNEC students in France, countries of the European Union and the US as well were exchanged with CEFAM students and the initial agreement was achieved during the meeting.

About UNEC:

UNEC is the brand of Azerbaijan State University of Economics. The brand of UNEC has been registered and patented by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent on January 21 2016.

21:38 16.06.2017